When you plan a conference, you need to consider the giveaway item for the participants. These are also known as souvenirs or swags. You need to allocate a small but considerable budget for these gifts and also need to ensure that they are of some use to the participants.

Since you can print your brand information on these items, they also prove to be effective in branding and marketing. However, it is observed that many a times, these gifts prove worthless in spite of all the efforts and money invested. We are trade show giveaways suppliers in Mumbai.

You can contact us for unique trade shows giveaways and conference giveaways in India. You can consider the following categories of giveaways that could prove to be useful:

Items of practical use
: Instead of items like a memento that can only be displayed or preserved, you can opt for items that are of practical use. There are numerous options like water bottles, travel thermos, cuff links, coffee mugs, bottle openers and so on.

 Desk items
: Desk items are extremely useful for any professional and rarely go waste. You can select an item like mouse pad, paper weight, letter opener, note pad holder, business card holder and so on.

Clothing items and accessories: If your budget is slightly towards the higher end, you can select trendy clothing or apparels. Items like T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, or sweatshirts. Especially, if the conference is for academic section or sports companies, such giveaways are popular.

Food items: Food items wrapped up in corporate style are popular giveaways. Win
e bottles, attractively packed tea bags, coffee beans, dry fruits or cookies are appreciated and used as well. We are wholesalers and manufacturers of conference gifts. We also deal in business conference giveaways in Mumbai.