We are Wholesaler of Customised USB Drives in Mumbai.

The utility of the ubiquitous customized pen drives are beyond any doubt. For many years now, these have been the preferred gift items at promotional trade fairs, seminars and conferences. The best aspect about them over the years has been the innovative changes and improvements in terms of size, shape, memory capacity. We are suppliers of customized pen drives in Mumbai. These have made these devices perennial favorites. Interesting shapes such as the credit card sleek look have ensured any user can carry them along with ease and their compatibility as well as ease of connectivity to different gadgets like the latest smart phones has further enhanced their appeal.
In terms of brand visibility, they score very high as they offer sufficient space on them to engrave or endorse your logo or message. Considering they will be used so regularly, it is more than likely that the user will remember your company and brand with a sense of gratitude for the lovely utilitarian gift/ gesture from you.
If there is any competition worth mentioning for the logo Promotional Pen Drive, it is in the form of the SD cards. They are also easily portable and can store data, pictures and videos as well. By that token, they too will make for wonderful gifts.

However, the fact that the pen drive has flash memory capability as well as USB connectivity, gives it the edge over the SD card. It is compatible with all popular systems that can be connected through the USB port such as Windows, Linux and Mac. The memory capacity can range from just 128MB to over 256GB and the transfer speed is also far better. The data access on a flash drive can also be controlled with the help of password along with virus protection, making it the complete device in all respects of convenience, safety and affordability.
These customized pendrives also last long and are robust. You can rewrite data on them as many times as you want and that makes them a great value for money proposition. As gift items, you only need to specify the shapes, colors and configuration to suppliers like us and you will get what you want, delivered to you and at very competitive rates. You cannot afford to ignore them and must have them as one of your marketing and promotional items along with other items. Contact our vendors and stores for Customized Card Flash drive, Fancy and customized pen drives in Mumbai, hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and other cities.