If you are an outdoor person and love going for camps, picnics, and then it is also likely that you will like to carry your music with you. Indeed, with smart phone memory capacities increasing exponentially, people are used to enjoying the best of audio visual experiences on their smart phones today. They are also using other memory cards, pen drives to carry the music they want with them. The availability of Bluetooth technology has ensured the absence of pesky wires coming in the way and Bluetooth speakers enable you and your group to enjoy music wherever you go. The thrill of listening to music at an outdoor location amongst friends and family is something truly exhilarating.
However, when you embark on an outdoor trip, it is not only music that you carry. You have various associated and other stuff that you would like to put into a backpack so that there is convenience in carrying them. Stuff like a power bank, torch, laptop to name a few. You also want your backpack to have micro USB facilities for charging, it should be robust and water proof and should get charged in the least possible time. Ports like the AUX in on the backpack are other features that will make it a complete audio back pack.

It is in this regard that the Doppler Audio Pack 6000mah 13” laptop-multifunction Bluetooth speaker makes for an excellent buy or gift. You get to play continuous music through its powerful 10W speakers that deliver audio clarity and fantastic bass. Use the Bluetooth 4.1 technology to enjoy at least 10 hours of nonstop music and then charge it for more listening pleasure. The charging time is 5 hours and it is advisable you take along other power banks as back up if you wish to.
There is hardly any interference from 4G waves and data transfer too is an absolute breeze. You are thus able to get a backpack that will serve your requirements during such outdoor trips. You may also choose to gift such an item to all those who are outdoor freaks like you. The real estate space on such bags is more than enough to provide your company the brand exposure you are seeking.
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