Laptop Bags : In modern age, Laptop is a commonly used and essential device today. Students and professionals often need to carry their laptops with them to work or during the travel related to work. Obviously, a laptop bag has also become a necessity. Laptop bags occur as official laptop cases or as backpacks. In both the designs, they are especially designed to consider the utility of the laptop and related items. We are wholesale laptop bag dealers and suppliers in Mumbai. A laptop bag or sack has a cushioned compartment for the laptop. This protects the laptop from shock and other physical damages.


 There are two or more other compartments. One of them is meant for the charger, mouse and cables related to the laptop. Other compartments can be used to carry your documents, files, pen drives, CD covers and other items related to work.  The high-end laptop bags are better in quality and designs and are water resistant too. Laptop cases can also be customized as per your requirements. These look great as corporate gifts too. We are laptop bag manufacturers in Mumbai and supply wholesale laptop bags in Mumbai.

Backpacks  are bags that can be carried with the shoulder straps as they are attached to your back. This leaves your hands free for other work or other bags. Backpacks can occur as multi-purpose bags that can be used for travel, for carrying utility items, as college bags and other uses. They can also be designed for specific uses like laptop bags, customized travel bags or Mommy bags. We are backpack wholesalers in Mumbai. Laptop bags occur in various sizes, shapes and materials. These can be the colorful and attractive bags for the preschool kids or the funky bags for college students. They can be as small as purses or huge enough to carry all the baby items when they occur as Mommy bags. The price range also varies. These bags can be made of leather, synthetic materials or even of cloth materials like canvas or jute. The designs vary with the type of straps, pockets, zip designs and compartments. We are backpack manufacturers in India.

Travel Bags – With the traveling fever continuously on the rise nowadays, travel bags are becoming a necessity. Nowadays people travel due to various reasons like business, vacations, educational trips and many more. Travel bags occur in various designs, qualities and types. You can select bags that suit the travel purpose. We are travel bags manufacturers in Mumbai. Travels intended for less duration require small bags. Travels intended for individuals can be more compact than those planned for families. Some individuals require bags with more utilities and compartments.

The latest designs of travel bags are more user-friendly. The materials and designs are light in weight and have attached wheels. You can thus carry them easily. There are special travel bags designed for kids. They are attractive and low weight. These are convenient to be carried for school and vacation camps. It is advisable to clean and repair travel bags at intervals. This prevents the problems that may arise during the journey. We are traveling bag wholesalers in Mumbai.