There is no mistaking the importance of a diary. Whether you use it for your professional or personal life, it remains one of the prized possessions for every user. In the past, you had no choice but to make entries with your pen or pencil of important meetings, minutes and the like. But if you lost your diary, you ran the risk of somebody else reading your diary. Today however, the digital age has brought with it the advantages of digital diaries. These sleek devices enable the user to make entries and delete them at ease. You can protect your entries with password encryption so that even if you do misplace your diary, it is not of use to anybody finding it.
These devices are available in classy leather and when you gift a leather diary with power bank inbuilt in it, you will be winning over the recipient for sure. These diaries also come with inbuilt USB for easier connectivity. They are also compatible such that you can convert the data you are creating to formats of your choice. The devices come with a 5 year warranty for the chip in the digital diary.

Now why do we want a power bank feature in such diaries? Today, it is always better to have more features packed into a single device so that you do not have to carry separate gadgets with you. Considering that battery power of your smart phone is a precious commodity that can leave you high and dry, it is advisable to have a back up that you can tap upon when required. The power bank serves this purpose admirably and considering that the diary will always be with the user, he or she will face no sudden battery discharge problems of their smart phones.
As mentioned above, they make for ideal gifts. Do not think they are expensive as you can get competitive pricing offers for such items when you order in bulk. Gifting such leather diaries with power bank offers you the scope of branding your company logo, message on the diary. The visibility, brand recall and gratitude for a very useful gift from the recipient are priceless indeed.
There may be other features such as the addition of an LED torch that you can also look at, depending on the budget at your disposal.