If you have been asked to think about medical conference giveaways and gifts for doctors, then try to look at something different this time. Look beyond the usual bags, pens, caps, t shirts and mugs. These are all well tried and tested items that are still popular but do not provide the “zing” factor in today’s times. We are manufacturers, suppliers, venors of of Medical conference giveaways and gifts for doctors in India. We supply pharma industry conference giveaways to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bangalore,  Ahmedabad, Gujarat , Hyderabad, Delhi,  Chennai Kolkata, lonavla, Surat ,Gujarat ,Pune, Jaipur, etc
Today you have to tread the technology path and go for tech savvy items. These can range from power banks to Bluetooth speakers, from pen drives in a variety of shapes to digital photo frames and from travel adapters to fitness trackers.
Each of the above items is not only highly useful but also affordable when you place bulk orders. You have enough space on them to put your logo or message so that the doctors remember your company and your gesture of gifting them something useful. Marketing gifts are one way of thanking the doctors for their support of your products through their prescriptions and when you use a medical conference or seminar to do this, the impact is all the more.
Take for instance the power bank. Today most doctors are so busy they may forget to charge their smart phone on a regular basis. They have to use the smart phone for not only communicating but also for seeing images of x rays, ct scans and the like. They cannot afford to have their smart phone dying on them at any point of time. The power bank will ensure they can draw power from it any time they wish to and each time they use it, they will remember you for your thoughtful gesture.
It is the same with fitness trackers. These devices that are worn around the wrist can help the doctors to monitor their own fitness parameters such as the distance they have covered walking during the day, the calories they have burnt and also their heart rate beat at various times during the day. They can also get to know about their own sleep patterns. All such information is very useful and it is more than likely that the doctors will make use of such devices on a daily basis, giving your brand the visibility you are seeking.
Pen drives, Bluetooth speakers are also items that are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These will be greatly appreciated by the doctors for sure.