Power banks and charging cases can be classified as utility items when you consider the busy lifestyle today. Considering these items as a corporate gift would be the best choice. A charging case is a phone case that can be charged just as a power bank and then used to charge your phone when you are on the go. Thus one can carry the phone and also charge it. You can either opt for a power bank or a charging case as a gift. Alternatively, you can select items that are a combination and serve both the purposes. If you are gifting these items to tech geeks, you need to invest on research and come up with the best options.

When selecting power banks as corporate gifts, you need to consider the requirement of the user. You need to study the technical specifications of the power bank including the capacity and the compatibility. There are power banks that are exclusively designed for iPhones and iPads. Some of the power banks are compatible across a range of smartphones and tablets. It is advisable to gift such power banks as the user can use it for multiple items. If you are sure that the client is an avid iPhone or iPad user, then you can go in for models related to them. We deal in power bank wholesale in Mumbai and India.

In case of charging cases, the size, capacity and compatibility are extremely important. You need to ensure that the case can carry and charge the phone appropriately. You also need to ensure that the design of the case is user friendly and does not create a hassle. We supply cell phone power bank, battery cases, mobile phone battery chargers, external battery packs and power banks for smartphones in bulk in India.
When gifting these items, you need to verify the warranty and other terms and conditions. This helps you avoid embarrassment if the item creates an issue. This also helps the user to troubleshoot issues. If you are planning to order multiple items, you need to check the brand, availability and also deal for wholesale rates. We are wholesale supplier power banks in India. We are importers and wholesalers of portable charger India. You can buy portable chargers at wholesale prices in India.