Doctors may appear formal and very businesslike but at the end of the day, they are also humans and would like to receive warmth, attention and the odd gift. Many of them are quite tech savvy and need to be in order to keep up with the exacting demands of their profession. It is logical therefore to think of some tech gifts for doctors that are not only useful to them but are also easy to use. We are sellers of Tech gifts for doctors in India – smart gadgets for doctors and offer these across the country including Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru,  Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai Tamil Nadu, etc.

The first item which comes to mind is the ubiquitous stethoscope. This is synonymous with the profession and is now available in nifty digital form. They are not only easy to carry due to their smaller sizes but are also very powerful with a much greater degree of clarity to hear the faintest of heart beats and pulse rhythm. You now have plug and play devices for doctors to hear through earplugs and they also connect to the smart phone or computer for recording data.

The thermometer is the next item that is now available in infrared for very accurate reading of temperature. They record the temperature in a second and may not even require contact. They are powered by AAA batteries and can be safely used by even children. Mothers can now use it to view the temperature of the milk bottles before feeding their infants.
Doctors need to be fit – physically and mentally. They follow rigorous routine of work and may not always monitor their own health parameters on a regular basis. Gifting them a fitness tracker will be most appreciated by them as they can now view the steps they take during the day, the calories they have burnt and also the distance covered. They can monitor their sleep patterns, their heart rate beat as well as pulse rate changes during the day.
The portable ECG device is yet another very useful device that you can gift doctors who often have to take such readings of their patients, when they visit them at home. This device can also be connected to the smart phone through the appropriate app. Doctors can view such reports sent to them by patients also from remote locations and notice the trends developing within the patient’s cardiac system for making relevant treatment modifications.
Last but not the least, this gift may not be classified as technical but will always be welcome. The white coat is a gift that can never go out of vogue or fashion.